Future of work

The workplace is constantly changing as new technologies, new generations of employees and new ways of working begin to emerge.

So what are the drivers that will impact the future workplace and what will that mean for hiring strategies? What part will technologies like data analytics, the internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality play, and how can organisations ensure they keep pace?

Trends shaping the future of work also include flexibility in work patterns, job descriptions, roles and responsibilities. How should you change recruitment strategies to make sure you build flexibility into the opportunities you offer candidates?

The future of work may seem unpredictable. But armed with insights from our business and recruitment experts you will be in a better position to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Industry 4.0 and the growing talent dilemma in the future of work

Automation, AI and digital transformation are becoming what's known as the 4th industrial revolution. This evolution of the workplace comes at a time when four in five hiring managers are finding it qualified professionals is more challenging today than five years ago.


Explore how the convergence of industry 4.0, skills shortages, and changing working patterns are the key trends shaping the future of work.

What is the future of work?

No one future of work report will have all the answers to support your preparations. So at Robert Half, we want to help you stay up to date on the latest developments, by regularly offering information to help you understand how work is changing and what this means for your efforts to recruit employees or future-proof your career.

"Recruiting for the future"

Recruiting for the future: The challenges for UK SMEs

Businesses, both large and small, recognise that the smart use of digital technologies will make the difference between success and failure in the very near future.


But how do SME IT leaders attract the tech skills they need when competing with larger organisations and hot tech start-ups? Download our report for the six most important steps to take when planning how to build a business for tomorrow.

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"Recruiting for the future"

Digital transformation and the future of hiring

Digitisation is having a huge impact on every business in every sector, so find out how can you build a corporate culture that enables change, if hiring a chief digital officer is the answer and are the top five finance and technology roles rising in demand.


When more change lies ahead, how can organisations rethink their recruitment strategy to attract the people they to need?

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Finance 2020: Closer than you think

The future of finance is here. Download our report to find out what today’s CFOs are doing to prepare for the future, from creating a competency framework to building an effective talent pipeline, and from financial business partnering to identifying areas for automation.

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What are the trends shaping the future of work?

"Predictions for the future"

Predictions for the future

The must-know employment trends for 2019

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"Influencing the world of work"

What’s influencing the world of work?

The four factors shaping the world of work

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"The Modern Workplace"

The modern workplace

A more flexible way of working

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"A New Skills Profile"

A new skills profile

Evolution of skills for the finance function

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"Rising need for adaptability"

Rising need for adaptability

Understand the growth and demand adaptability

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"Contractors future of the workplace"

Are contractors the future of the workplace?

Meeting the aspirations of the modern workforce

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"Need for digital leadership"

Need for digital leadership

A CEOs role in digitising the enterprise

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"Automation the end of teams"

Is automation the end of teams?

Automation is set to change finance team dynamics for the better

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"A people centric approach"

A people-centric approach

Is servant leadership the solution?

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