Digital transformation and the future of hiring

Digitalisation is fast emerging as a business priority for many UK companies. With digital disruption and changing customer behaviours, many businesses are seeking new ways of maintain their competitive advantage. However, many business leaders struggle to find the right balance between nurturing innovation and continuing business-as-usual with limited resources.

Featuring results from independent research with 200 CFOs and 100 CIOs across the UK, as well as in-depth interviews with digital experts, our latest report Digital transformation and the future of hiring covers:

  • The key considerations for businesses’ as they drive forward in their digital journeys;
  • How automation is changing the way we work and the skill-sets required across all levels, including the C-suite; and
  • What to expect from the future of hiring and how this will affect your talent acquisition strategy.

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How CFOs are tackling the digital transformation challenge

How are CFOs managing this change?

With increased expectations on the finance department to distil insight from the data, CFOs and finance directors are turning to finance automation to support operational finance objectives. Find out what this means for the future of skills within accounting and finance and the top roles in demand.

CIOs and digital transformation

How are technology departments rising to the challenge?

At the pace in which new technologies are becoming available today, can CIOs stay abreast of this change? Find out how CIOs plan to invest in emerging technology, what the future technology teams might look like and why the need for IT business partners is rising.

Hiring for digital transformation

What does this mean for the future of hiring?

Through every stage of the digital transformation journey, the requirements for talent and skills changes. For many businesses this is creating challenges in recruiting and retaining sought-after professionals. Find out five workplace planning tips to secure and retain your top talent.