IT innovation: Harnessing technology to attract skilled IT talent

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Companies thrive on innovation. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, the success of your company depends on ideas, teamwork and future-oriented employees. New products, streamlined processes or creative approaches to big challenges can all provide a competitive edge through innovation. 

Digital technologies like mobile, social media, cloud computing and big data/data analytics all promise huge potential for IT innovation but to make the most of these opportunities, recruiting the best staff with the best ideas is crucial. Being perceived as an innovative company has become an essential part of IT recruitment.

Our IT Insights report ‘IT innovation: harnessing technology to attract and hire skilled IT talent’ examines how UK businesses are using technology to drive innovation and business growth. It also includes the following case studies:

How innovative are businesses in the UK?

Measuring innovation isn’t an easy task. Innovation can take place in every area of a business and doesn’t necessarily need to be large-scale changes or technological advancements.

According to a Robert Half Technology study of chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs), British companies scored themselves, on average, 3.36 on a scale of one to five where one is ‘not innovative’ and five is ‘highly innovative’.

The study also showed that companies seen to be encouraging a culture of innovation attract highly qualified IT staff. The majority (81%) of CIOs and CTOs find a strong link between innovation and attracting strong IT workers.

IT as a driver of innovation

Changing consumer behaviour and the race to digitise business processes is changing the demand for IT skills. Gartner predicts that by 2018, digital businesses will need half the business process staff compared with today, but five times more new digital business roles.

Innovation attracting the best employees

Nurturing a culture of innovation could be one way a company can attract highly skilled candidates. The more innovative a company presents itself, the more attractive a company becomes to professionals who want to develop and drive innovation.

Find out more in our latest report on IT innovation that outlines four ways to foster innovation:
1. Capture ideas
2. Create a culture of innovation
3. Developing talent
4. Removing barriers to innovation

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