IT innovation case study: Invesco and mobile technology

Adapting to changing demands – mobile technology

Investment management company, Invesco provides clients with ideas and advice to help them make more informed investment decisions. Its advisers were looking how they could innovate their services to maintain a technological competitive edge and provide its clients access to information while on the move. As a result, Invesco started researching mobile technology solutions.

Technology solution: A full featured mobile app

Invesco’s solution was a mobile app that presents fund information in an easy-to-digest format. Users can search for the latest pricing, performance and quartile ranking data for any mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that Invesco offers. A key benefit of developing the mobile app is that Invesco’s advisers can access their client account information, giving them the ability to deliver a quality customer service.

Using mobile technology to stay ahead

The mobile app has been so successful that it is now in its sixth version. Both the content and the functionality are updated quarterly to adapt to investors’ changing needs, reflecting Invesco’s client-centred approach to mobile technology. As a direct result of the mobile app, Invesco has seen an increase in sales and client enquiries.

What mobile technology means for employee attraction and retention

A company’s use of mobile technologies is an important considerations for IT professionals when deciding which company to work for. Employers that embrace mobile technologies are perceived as innovative and on the forefront of change. It has become a characteristic of an innovative working environment and a convincing argument for choosing one employer over another.

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