IT innovation case study: UKTV and flexible working

Any device from any location – flexible working and the cloud

UKTV used an array of technology to distribute its programmes to both broadcasters and on-demand digital services. Yet this technology had limited scope to allow employees to work outside the office, and there was no way to collaborate other than face to face. But an upcoming office move gave the company a reason to research alternative technology options that could meet these requirements.

Looking to the cloud

UKTV wanted its people free to use any device to collaborate from any location – mindful that regulatory requirements to safeguard data had to be met.

Cloud technology provides a central collaborative environment, and offers a flexible working environment combining a number of technologies that UKTV required. They needed to support employee communications via email, phone and messaging; a secure place to store, share, and access information from almost any device; and secure cloud storage, plus the standard office technology.

New ways of working

Keeping in touch and working on shared projects from anywhere is now routine. The cloud set-up allows for flexible working without limiting collaboration and creativity. Employees have been provided the tools they need to work together in open spaces to develop their programmes. And all this is scalable: new hires and new functionality can be added with ease.

What the cloud means for employee productivity

Enabling employees to use any device from any location allows flexible working at all times. As a result, work gets done faster and frees up employees’ time to focus on creativity. IT innovations like implementing cloud technology gives businesses a competitive edge on attracting and retaining skilled IT professionals as flexible working is a strong selling point for IT candidates.

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