Time to Hire: Streamline your hiring process


As the UK is in a current skills shortage, 71% of jobseekers regularly receive multiple job offers when they are looking for a new role. Many organisations may be missing out on securing top talent for vacant roles due to delayed decision-making and elongated hiring times.

This isn’t only bad news for business, but also jobseekers who are missing out on their dream role. Fifty-eight per cent of jobseekers accepted their second-choice job offer because they waited too long to hear from their preferred role.

At Robert Half we can help you to streamline your time to hire, without compromising your recruitment process.

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Are UK hiring processes too slow?

Is your business struggling to recruit due to a slow hiring process? Do you think it's time to take a closer look at your hiring steps? Your time to hire can have a large impact on attracting and securing top talent in the current UK recruitment climate. 

Slide through our practical tips to help you streamline your recruitment process and reduce the time you're spending to hire your next top employee.

The hidden costs of a long hiring process

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