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The Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide reveals starting salaries for banking and capital markets positions throughout the UK and is the definitive resource for the most up-to-date salary information and hiring trends. It also contains:

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Hiring Climate

Confidence has returned, with 89% financial services leaders positive about the state of the British economy and 93% confident in their companies' prospects.

This confidence extends to the investor community, which is again increasing investment, but at the same time looking for greater transparency, control, process and reporting. Compliance and regulatory initiatives are therefore driving hiring efforts; however, this is coupled with more discretionary growth hiring as companies look to capitalise on the upswing.

Competition for skilled candidates to drive initiatives continues to intensify, with 97% leaders citing challenges sourcing skilled financial services professionals. At the same time, candidates are becoming more selective, with 77% executives indicating that they've seen an increase in the number of potential recruits turning down job offers compared with three years ago. Companies are trying to hold onto their best people, with 92% leaders concerned about losing top performers.

Salary Trends

Remuneration within the industry remains varied, with investment banks continuing to pay a premium for talent and most businesses across the sector increasing salaries to attract and retain staff.

According to financial services executives, 56% plan to increase salaries by an average of 8%, and 36% will be increasing bonuses. The prevalence of deferred, staggered and contingent convertible bonus payments as well as increased base salaries has had the triple effect of offsetting risk and providing capital relief to institutions while also decreasing employee turnover.

The industry knows that it is competing with other sectors in the war for talent. The attractiveness of the technology industry and other start-ups is forcing financial services businesses to look at their individual employer brands, making adjustments to ensure their companies and the industry at large remain an attractive option for new entrants to the market.

Positions in Demand

Accounting and Finance

  • Financial directors/controllers
  • Senior finance/management accountants
  • Business partners
  • Internal audit professionals

Banking Operations

  • Trade support professionals
  • Client reporting analysts
  • Investment operations
  • Loan operations
  • Reconciliations and control


  • Compliance managers (mid–senior level)
  • AML analysts
  • Risk managers

Businesses hiring permanent staff to manage initiatives



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