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IT Hiring Climate

Technology advancements coupled with years of underinvestment are driving business change in the UK, delivering growth and innovation across multiple sectors and prompting the need for additional IT talent. Top reasons for increasing permanent headcount include new projects/initiatives, product/service expansion, IT risk and security and domestic expansion.

Threats to growth include the availability of key skills, the rising cost of labour in growth markets and the speed of technological change. This is ahead of cyber threats and protecting intellectual property. As a result, technology professionals are in strong demand and short supply.

Regional Hiring Climate

In-house IT requirements across all industries and sectors are keeping recruitment levels high throughout the regions. Investment into infrastructure, with budgets expanding to enable systems implementations, network upgrades and security initiatives, is creating demands across the UK’s SMEs and large businesses, while further nearshoring or reshoring initiatives, bringing IT functions back to Europe or even the UK, is creating additional opportunity.

IT Skills in Demand

  • Virtualisation
  • Business intelligence/reporting services
  • Network administration engineering
  • Database management
  • Commercial acumen, business awareness and influencing skills
  • Ability to convey technical information to non-IT audiences


Salary Trends

IT Salary Trends

IT salaries vary, with some businesses paying competitively to attract, recruit and retain the top IT talent the industry has on offer. Others remain more price conscious, often losing out on their top candidate choices to competing organisations that act more decisively.

According to CIOs, 30% plan to increase salaries, with the average salary increase around 4%.

Regional Variances

London IT salaries pay on average a third higher than the national average.

  • Scotland: 98.4%
  • North East England: 90.0%
  • North West England: 92.9%
  • Yorkshire: 91.9%
  • East Midlands: 91.8%
  • West Midlands: 92.8%
  • East of England: 97.9%
  • London: 129.0%
  • South East England: 106.0%
  • South West England: 92.3%
  • Wales: 89.5%

Additional Benefits

Many permanent employees are being lured by the potential reward that other companies and/or consulting arrangements afford, and many businesses are providing additional remuneration and benefits to try to keep their best on board.

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