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The OfficeTeam 2016 Salary Guide is the definitive resource for salary information for administrative, secretarial and office support roles in the UK. It includes salary trends year on year as well as hiring expectations in 2016. Download the guide now for:

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You can read highlights from the 2016 Salary Guide below but download your copy today and find out how much Administrative professionals could earn in 2016. Or try our salary calculator for a quick view of how much you're worth.


The Hiring Climate

For the first time since the recession, companies are seeking to fill their full complement of front-office and back-office administrative and support positions.

This is being driven by a growing emphasis on excellent customer service and the adoption of social media channels by organisations as well as the ongoing reliance on technology-based business processes.

HR directors are looking for candidates who can adapt to a changing business, whether that means taking a lead on social media campaigns, reception and the switchboard or liaising with suppliers. Flexibility and communication skills are the most important skills for HR directors when seeking new administrative and office support candidates.

Training is back in vogue as the shortage of trained professionals begins to bite. Companies are hiring administrative staff that fit with their corporate culture rather than based solely on qualifications and proven skills. But holding on to key staff remains a concern, and 80% of HR directors are worried about losing top performers in the year ahead.


Regional Administrative Hiring

The UK market is seeing a growing demand for HR and administrative professionals across all industry sectors as companies look to support growth. The London market is experiencing a strong demand for senior-level specialised HR professionals, and EAs and PAs with C-suite experience; while in contrast other regions are seeing a growing demand for multi-skilled professionals with project experience.


Skills in Demand

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Experience with the full suite of Microsoft Office applications
  • Strong customer service focus
  • Effective time management
  • CIPD qualifications (for HR administrative and office staff)
Salary Trends

Administrative Salary Trends

Finding and retaining administrative staff is becoming more challenging. As a result, salaries and bonuses for admin professionals are on the rise as companies compete for the best people. According to HR directors, 67% are willing to negotiate salary with top job candidates.

While bonuses used to be offered sparingly to administrative and office staff, the need to retain top performers means that more rewards are now on offer. Nearly a quarter (24%) of HR directors said that they would increase the level of bonuses awarded to professional-level employees in the year ahead.


Additional Remuneration Trends

Employees place growing importance on work–life balance when considering a job offer. While salary and bonus are still important, there is a greater desire for working schedules that fit with personal preferences.

The accessibility of technology solutions is enabling a greater proportion of companies to offer remote working options. Over the last three years, 37% of UK companies have increased the remote working options available to their employees, a trend likely to build momentum in a bid to attract suitable candidates.


Regional Salary Variances

London administrative salaries still pay on average a third higher than the national average.

  • Scotland: 98.4%
  • North East England: 90.0%
  • North West England: 92.9%
  • Yorkshire: 91.9%
  • East Midlands: 91.8%
  • West Midlands: 92.8%
  • East of England: 97.9%
  • London: 129.0%
  • South East England: 106.0%
  • South West England: 90.3%
  • Wales: 89.5%
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The Robert Half 2016 online salary calculator gives you instant access to average salary ranges in your local area for secretarial, administrative and office support roles.

Our salary data can help you prepare for your next salary review or performance appraisal or when negotiating a pay rise. If you're looking for information on PA salaries or you'd like to find out how much a secretary in London earns, try the calculator today.


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