2017 Salary Guide

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2017 Salary Guide

With salary ranges for over 270 permanent positions, the Robert Half 2017 Salary Guide is your comprehensive resource for the latest remuneration and recruitment trends affecting accounting & finance, financial services, technology, and administrative professionals across the UK. Download your copy today to confidently benchmark salaries for new hires, plan your budgets and better understand the hiring environment. Do you know the market value of your employees?

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Rising demand for skilled talent

While there are a number of local, regional and international influences on the UK economy and business confidence, the hiring market continues to move at pace. Competition for skilled talent is trending upwards, adding pressure on salary expectations. Discover the in-demand roles and skills employers are seeking in 2017, and what competitive businesses are doing to secure the best candidates.

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The changing make-up of the workforce

Baby-boomers, Gen Y, millennials. The make-up of today’s workforce has changed dramatically in recent years, forcing employers to adopt a flexible hiring strategy and offer additional perks to attract and retain their top performers. Discover what the most popular benefits being offered to boost workforce engagement and productivity levels will be this next year.

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Growth in voluntary employee turnover

Do you know the top reasons why your employees leave? Over the last three years, HR directors have reported a 36% increase in voluntary employee turnover as skilled professionals seek career opportunities and benefits better suited to them. As employee engagement and retention become key priorities for employers in 2017, better understand how to retain your top performers and improve employee morale.

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Download the 2017 Salary Guide

Salaries by Sector

Download the guide to access 2017 salary projections and the key recruitment trends affecting your sectors:

Accounting and Finance

Salaries continue to rise for accounting and finance professionals, as businesses are eager to hire highly skilled talent who have the right balance of both technical and softer skills to collaborate with the wider business. Learn what measures CFOs are planning to take in 2017 to address this skills shortage in the Accounting & Finance Salary Guide.

Financial Services

With the continuing emergence of the challenger banking sector and the rapid growth of fintech businesses, the demand for skilled talent continues to rise. In order to compete for the best talent, financial services firms need to offer attractive salaries and benefits, including professional development and work-life balance. Read more in the Financial Services Salary Guide.


The digital economy is expanding at an extraordinary rate, adding some £87bn to the economy. As the demands upon the IT department increase, learn what popular benefits are being offered to attract and retain skilled tech talent and the roles most in-demand in 2017 in the Technology Salary Guide.


Demand for experienced administrative personnel is strong across the UK, with 46% of HR directors expecting to increase salaries for talented administrative professionals in the year ahead. Discover which top skills and qualifications are commanding higher salaries in the Administrative Salary Guide.

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