Average chief financial officer salaries in the UK - 2021

Salary by region

Explore the average CFO salary by location:

  • London: £161,000+
  • Wales: £130,200+
  • Scotland: £138,600+
  • East of England: £138,600+
  • South West of England: £137,200+
  • South East England: £144,200+

Job prospects for chief financial officers

Qualified, experienced chief financial officers (CFOs) are hard to come by. The future looks demanding for the role, and the best job opportunities will be going to chief financial officers who can demonstrate that they have the ability to multitask, work flexibly and have a firm grasp of future finance technologies.

The big data revolution starts with the finance team. The quantity of data being generated daily is enormous and steadily increasing by the day. To gain excellent job prospects for the future, CFOs will need to demonstrate that they’re able to work seamlessly and effectively alongside sophisticated analytics software and data scientists to interpret that mass of data into valuable business insights.

IT security is reported to be one of the biggest business concerns for the next few years, which has resulted in risk management becoming a larger part of the CFO role. Businesses are looking for professionals who have good knowledge of data software solutions, risk and compliance, and who aren’t afraid to take partial ownership of business cybersecurity.

The future of business demands a new set of skills from finance employees. CFOs will need to show that they have the skills needed to get more involved in the hiring process and to make flexible and strategic choices which prevail in the war for talent. This will include the use of both temporary/contract employees and a change in leadership approach. A CFO should now be able to manage talent across remote and in-house staff.

Chief financial officer salary opportunities

The average chief financial officer salary in the UK has a midrange of £140,000. Professionals in this role can earn anything between £100,000 – £200,000+ depending on the experience and skill set of the professional, and the location of the employer.

The chief financial officer payscale starts at £130,000 and could rise to between £145,000 – £175,000 as the professional grows within the role. Highly experienced, skilled chief financial officers have the potential to earn anything up to £200,000+ in the current hiring market.

CFO salaries in London (£161,400) are the most generous in the UK, followed by the South East (£144,200) and Scotland (£138,600). A chief financial officer can increase their earning potential by considering a job opportunity in one of these locations.

Professional value can be raised by demonstrating strong digital skills. This includes experience with automation, big data analytics, and the communication skills needed to complement the new technologies. Employers are likely to pay more for a CFO who can demonstrate excellent multitasking skills which will help them take on more work in the coming months.

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