Average finance manager salaries in the UK - 2022

Explore the average finance manager salary in the UK by location

  • London: £64,975
  • Scotland: £55,935
  • Wales: £52,545
  • Yorkshire: £54,240

Job prospects for finance managers

Finance managers have seen strong demand from the UK hiring market in recent months and will enjoy their first choice of roles as long as the finance market continues to lack sufficient numbers of qualified professionals.

To ensure long-term job growth, finance managers should focus on evolving their skill sets to complement the rise in automation and digitisation of finance. Businesses are turning to big data to inform their initiatives and strategy, and will be expecting deeper insights from finance managers based on this. For better employment prospects, finance managers should look at improving data management and data analysis skills. 

Digitisation has caused the pace of industry to speed up and requires a more agile, forward-looking commercial strategy—something finance managers should now begin to consider when forecasting and tracking trends. Experience with new reporting standards could also cause an increase in professional value as businesses are facing the pressure to adapt their processes and bring them in line. 

The digital transformation of the workplace has caused employers to shift their hiring strategies to towards cultural fit and soft skills. Good communication, collaboration and creative problem-solving skills will enhance finance manager interactions with the wider business and are very attractive to employers. 

Finance manager salary opportunities

The average finance manager salary in the UK ranges from £55,000 to £65,000. Finance salaries in London are higher than average as the industry continues to thrive there. A lack of qualified talent means that organisations in the capital are willing to pay up to £114,400 for professionals with the right skills and experience. 

The demand for finance managers with proven success in improving the financial health of a company within a relevant industry are in short supply across the UK. As such, qualified professionals with several years’ experience can expect to negotiate a higher starting salary than most. This is especially true for those individuals who can demonstrate that they have soft skills which complement digitisation.

Finance professionals who have Big Four experience or have worked on commercial projects are seeing a rise in demand from the not-for-profit and charities sector, as these organisations look to add tighter controls and financial guidance to make sound decisions.

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