Average Financial Analyst salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average UK Financial Analyst salary by location:

  • London: £58,200
  • Scotland: £44,400
  • Wales: £40,700
  • Yorkshire: £41,000

Job prospects for Financial Analysts

Companies rely on experienced Financial Analysts to support business growth by identifying trends in financial data and helping senior management make informed decisions. The trend toward a more strategic and data-informed finance function requires a financial analyst to make more frequent, tangible contributions across departments.

For that reason, demand is outstripping supply in the UK for Financial Analysts with skills in financial modelling, financial planning and data analysis, particularly those with experience using the current tools including QlikView and SAS. For Financial Analysts to achieve strong job growth in the future, they’ll need to remain up to date and sharpen their skills using the latest tools.

It is no surprise that the core computing behind required financial analysis tasks are being handed to technological solutions. As more business transactions are taking place through technology, larger data sets are open for analysis, insight, reporting and forecasting.  

The most successful Financial Analysts will be those who are able to provide quality insights with this abundance of new information. Adding value to the company can also come in the form of being able to share insights and knowledge with other teams and stakeholders in a clear and actionable way. 

Financial Analyst salary opportunities

The average Financial Analyst salary in the UK will range from £40,000-£75,000, depending on the skill set, location and level of experience the individual has.

The highest salaries in the UK are going to London-based Financial Analysts, who can command anything from £51,800 to £97,000. This is no surprise considering that London is the UK’s financial hub. Not only this—businesses are more reliant on financial data for sound commercial decision making, and many more employers are looking to expand in-house resource.

The finance industries in Manchester and Edinburgh (the latter of which is also an international location for fund management) have seen a hiring boom in recent years. Salaries there can reach up to £69,800 and £73,900, respectively.

Birmingham has ranked as having the third largest UK-based financial industry this year, and financial analysts working there can hope to earn up to £69,900 with the right level of experience and technical skill.

To reach a higher salary band, financial analysts should aim to improve their financial modelling skills. Training in the most up-to-date data analysis software is the fastest route to a higher salary, as are specialised ACA, ACCA or CIMA qualifications.

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