Average group accountant salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average group accountant salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £83,900
  • Scotland: £64,400
  • Wales: £58,500
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: £59,200

Job prospects for group accountants

The hiring market is firmly in favour of experienced group accountants as the war for talent grips hold in finance and accounting. Despite this, there are several things professionals can do to increase how attractive they are to potential employers. 

As many businesses look to digitise their operational finance objectives and finance systems, they are requiring more value-add insight and forecasting from their accountants. This is no different for group accountants who are sought-after when they have a strong business acumen of the particular department or company groups they support. 

As the success of this role relies on the relationship built between business executives and Head of Department or Group sponsors, a focus is being placed on soft skills, such as effective communication, collaboration and influencing skills.

Group accountants with more than 5 years experience are desired and are expected to be fully qualified in  ACA, ACCA, CIMA or ICAS. Good working knowledge of accounting standards, such as IFRS and FRS is also valuable.

In terms of regional demand, there’s a good supply of group accountant jobs in London, Reading, Leeds and Manchester.

Group accountant salary opportunities

Professionals who are new to the role of group accountant can expect a good starting salary. The typical baseline offering is £43,000, which has the potential to increase to £50,000 at the midpoint. Experienced professionals with desirable skill sets can command a salary of up to £80,000.

In terms of location, the average salaries being offered in the South East (£51,500), in Scotland (£49,500) and in the East of England (£49,500). A group accountant salary in London is the highest in the UK, with a current range of £49,450 to £64,250.

The most generous offers are being made to fully qualified accountants with 5 or more years’ experience in the role. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must, as are formal accounting qualifications. 

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