Average Management Accountant salaries in the UK

Management Accountant Salaries by region

  • London: £58,100
  • Manchester: £41,900
  • Edinburgh: £44,600
  • Bristol: £42,300
  • Birmingham: £41,900

Job prospects for Management Accountants

Demand for Management Accountants in the UK is high — a trend which shows no sign of slowing. Because of the important role they play in the formation of commercial business decisions, senior qualified management accountants are often receiving multiple job offers.

Management Accountants can gain better career prospects if they focus on developing the skills needed to evolve in a digital workplace. With more sophisticated technology to both aggregate and visualise high quality data, management accountants who are able to easily adapt to new processes and blend them with existing forecasting and reporting skills are more likely to advance their careers.

Cloud computing tools are rising in popularity and Management Accountants may find that they can drive their professional prospects up by gaining a certification or skills in one of the more widely-used platforms. 

Accountancy professionals aren’t just being sought for permanent roles—they are also beginning to see good demand in the temporary hiring market, with 28% of CFO’s considering hiring temporary accounting staff. The potential to earn more in a temporary, project-based role is good and also provides professionals with the opportunity to gain a better work-life balance.

Management Accountant salary opportunities

A part-qualified Management Accountant can hope to earn an average of £27,000 – £43,000 in the UK. Fully-qualified Management Accountants are able to exponentially increase their earning power and could gain an average salary of £39,800 – £65,000. 

A Management Accountant salary in Scotland is almost level with those in London (which are the highest in the UK at present) due a 4% increase in hiring within this region. 

Bristol has become one of the UK’s top financial centres outside of London and has increased hiring into insurance, legal services and banking sectors. Management Accountants can earn an average of almost £58,100 in this area thanks to this employment boost.  

Salary opportunities can increase for finance professionals with regulatory experience, especially with data protection, MiFID II, IFRS and PSD2. As internal finance processes become automated, Management Accountants will find that their professional value may increase with the investment of IT and tech training.

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