Average Purchase Ledger Clerk salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average UK Purchase Ledger Clerk salary by location:

  • London: £24,600
  • Scotland: £18,700
  • Wales: £17,200
  • Yorkshire: £17,300

Job prospects for Purchase Ledger Clerks

Hiring in the accounting and finance sector is currently being driven by the skills deficit, which gives professionals the upper hand with regard to job prospects. This presents a golden opportunity for Purchase Ledger Clerks to upskill and increase their job growth potential.

As traditional bookkeeping tasks are steadily being displaced by automation, Purchase Ledger Clerks should focus on evolving their skill sets to embrace digital reporting and bookkeeping tools and software.

Future professional success will hinge on soft skills, backed up by experience and technical proficiency. The professionals with the most job growth potential will be those that are able to maintain excellent professional relationships with colleagues and suppliers. Communication and collaboration are also high on the list of in-demand skills.

Purchase Ledger Clerks with specialist industry qualifications, such as ATT, experience in data input, accounts payable and administration and have a high-level of attention to detail are highly employable.

Purchase Ledger Clerk salary opportunities

In the UK, the average salary for a Purchase Ledger Clerk is £17,000 – £27,000, but this can go up depending on the individual’s professional experience, location and skill set.

Purchase Ledger Clerk salaries in London start at approximately £22,000 and go up to £34,900 for professionals with in-demand skills and experience. 

The South East has the second largest financial services employment rate in the UK, especially in life insurance and financial leasing. Because of this, salaries for purchase ledger clerks in regions like Surrey, West Sussex and Kent could reach anything up to £28,400. 

In Scotland, purchase ledger salaries are also slightly higher than average, starting at £16,700 and capping at around £26,600. Edinburgh has a robust finance industry and demand there is strong. 

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