Business and Office Support 2019 Salary Guide

Your guide to remuneration and recruitment trends in administration.

The Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide is your comprehensive guide to competitive, confident hiring for the year ahead. Based on interviews with 200 CFOs, 100 CIOs, 300 hiring managers and 2,000 professionals from across the UK, it gives an extensive overview of the key trends affecting hiring in 2019.

  • Discover the salaries you should be offering new employees in your business and office support functions
  • Explore the specialist skill sets that are rising in demand
  • Find out the key role’s being add business and office support functions including HR, procurement and administration
  • Benchmark your retention strategies against your competitors

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The importance of HR and business support continues to grow

Business outcomes for the coming year all rely on human resources and business support roles. They are crucial in the creation of positive workplace experiences and are the drivers of an employee-first and customer-centric approach to business.

HR prepares to go digital

Employee satisfaction, remote working and the collection of feedback are being steadily transferred to new technology. Human resources professionals with strong digital skill sets are predicted to be the most in-demand for the foreseeable future.

Hiring strategies become more competitive

Business and office support professionals are in such high demand that many are receiving multiple offers. Mid-level professionals are being offered perks and bonuses, where experienced professionals are commanding higher-than-average salaries.

As the war for talent is expected to intensify, employers are embracing two main solutions to attract, secure and retain the right talent in these conditions: faster hiring times and flexible hiring strategies, and competitive remuneration packages.

Matt Weston - UK Managing Director at Robert Half

HR and Administrative Support salaries

Discover salaries and expert insight into the current job market for individual positions. Click on the roles below:

Salaries by sector

Download the guide to access 2019 salary projections and the key recruitment trends affecting your sectors:

Accounting and finance

Competition for top performing talent has intensified within accounting and finance—an issue which is compounded by the impact of digital and automation on finance skill sets. In order to keep retention levels high, businesses are increasing accountant salaries or offering more flexible benefits to employees.

Financial services

Demand for qualified professionals in financial services is high, this is especially true of asset management, real estate funds and graduate roles. A stronger emphasis is being placed on hiring for cultural fit, and many businesses are now relying on temporary employees to fill managerial roles.


The demands of the UK technology sector are outstripping the number of qualified professionals available on the hiring market. According to 79% of CIOs, it is a challenge to find qualified professionals now, compared to 5 years ago. To combat the issue, hiring managers are increasing remuneration levels and leveraging counter offers. Find out more.

Marketing and creative

The introduction of technology to link marketing spend and business development has propelled businesses to hire for digital skills and commercial acumen. Marketing and creative professionals have stated that an attractive starting salary is key factor to accepting a role.