Average customer service representative salaries in the UK - 2022

Explore the average customer service salary in the UK

  • Customer helpdesk: £23,575
  • Customer services assistant: £23,575
  • Customer services manager: £32,775

Job prospects for customer services

Job prospects for customer service professionals remain good as businesses move towards a human-first approach to customer interactions. Customer service teams are becoming the linchpin to success and the hiring market is a reflection of this.

Customer service jobs in London are the most plentiful, followed by cities like Bristol, Swindon and Reading. In Scotland, Edinburgh shows good job prospects for this role. Employers will be awarding jobs to professionals who can work to strict policies and procedures, perform well under pressure and who can communicate well (both written and verbal).

Businesses will be introducing more sophisticated customer service software platforms to streamline processes and to provide customers with the experiences they’re looking for. In light of this, professionals can increase their employability by demonstrating an ability to learn new software platforms quickly. 

Future customer service roles could be impacted by automated chatbots for first-line support. Employers will be looking for professionals who can show that they have the digital skills needed to work alongside the technology to provide customers with a fast, personalised interaction and a satisfactory solution.

There are also excellent customer service job prospects in the temporary and contract hiring market. Those struggling to find the right fit in a permanent position may consider taking a temporary role instead. 

Customer service salary opportunities

At an entry level, a customer helpdesk professional can hope to earn an average of £18,750, with the potential to go up to £22,000 once they have enough experience. Helpdesk salaries in London are higher than most, with a current midpoint of £23,575. Employers in South East England also offer higher salaries at an average of £20,295.

The payscale for a customer services assistant role starts at roughly £18,500 and can go up to £25,000. In the East of England, this role can go up to £24,750 and Scotland also shows good salary potential. The best salaries are in the capital—a customer services supervisor in London can earn anything up to £28,750.

For a customer services manager, the payscale can start at £25,750 and reach £40,000. Managers can find good earning potential in the South West of England (£25,000 – £39,500) and the East of England (£25,493 – £39,000). A customer service manager in London could earn a midpoint salary of £32,775 which is the highest salary available for this role in the UK at present.

To command a higher salary, professionals will need plenty of experience and a proven track record of meeting and exceeding SLAs. Other valuable skills include fluency in a foreign language, a diploma or NVQ in customer service and the ability to quickly adapt to new CS software platforms.