Average HR Business Partner salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average HR Business Partner salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £43,300
  • Wales: £30,300
  • Scotland: £33,000
  • East of England: £31,600
  • South West of England: £28,800
  • West Midlands: £31,200

Job prospects for HR Business Partners

Talent retention and acquisition has always been important for business success, but the ongoing war for talent combined with digital transformation in the workplace has made it essential, and job prospects for this role are looking good.

HR is an area of hiring which has consistently seen growth over recent years. Professionals typically receive multiple offers, this is especially true of HR Business Partner jobs in London.

Employers will be expecting hiring and retention strategies to become more nuanced in coming months as new HR software, HR analytics and big data integrations give professionals a better insight into business needs. To increase job prospects in the future, HR Business Partners should look to enhance their data analysis skills and to become more familiar with new HR software platforms.

A more human-first approach to employee wellbeing is expected, and HR Business Partners can enhance their CV by showcasing experience with employee wellness programmes and collaboration with key departments.

As expected, businesses are offering opportunities to CIPD qualified HR professionals and those with several years’ industry experience.

HR Business Partner salary opportunities

HR professionals are enjoying higher salaries at present. The average HR Business Partner salary for the UK has a range of £31,000 and £48,000 and a midpoint of £33,500.

An HR Business Partner salary in London has a range of between £40,100 and £62,100. The East and South East of England both offer the second highest salaries for an HR Business Partner role (at an average of £35,200 and £35,200 respectively), and roles in Scotland offer the third most generous salaries in the UK at £33,000.

HR professionals are in a unique position within the current UK hiring market. As the demand for strong HR Business Partner professionals who can support key departments through the periods of change, experienced professionals are able to negotiate key performance-based bonus packages, flexible working and other non-financial benefits.

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