Average office manager salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average UK office manager salary by location:

  • London: £35,075
  • Wales: £28,365
  • Scotland: £30,195
  • East of England: £30,195
  • South West of England: £29,890
  • West Midlands: £30,195

Job prospects for office managers

Office administrative and support professionals can enhance future career prospects by ensuring their skills are kept up to date with the latest business tools and software packages. As businesses are updating their internal systems and processes as part of an organisation-wide digital transformation strategy, office managers need to be able to adapt to continue the seamless business operation and customer service. For many organisations, this can include adapting information storage and filing procedures, visitor management, and improved data management and storage.

As remote working increases in popularity, the role of an office manager extends beyond the four walls of the physical office as well. Professionals in these roles will need to ensure that they have the expertise, organisational ability and communication skills to support a remote workforce and be familiar with the processes and systems needed to facilitate smooth business operations in this new world of work.

Activity-based working is also changing the way employees engage with the workplace. Office managers may be expected to facilitate a more dynamic workspace, with hot desks, concentration zones and collaboration spaces as part of a people-first approach to work. This will require support and administrative professionals to be resourceful, creative and strategic about the facilities they provide for staff in the future.

Office manager jobs in London and other main centres continue to see strong demand. There has been a rise in the number of positions in the regions across the South East, South West and the Midlands as business leaders try to alleviate some of the administrative pressures from their specialised workforces.

Office manager salary opportunities

On average, office managers in the UK can earn a current midpoint salary of £30,100. Their professional value is driven by soft skills and industry experience, particularly their communication skills, adaptability and resilience, problem-solving abilities and sound organisational skills. Experienced office managers can earn an average of £38,500 in the UK.

Office manager salaries in London range from £26,700 to £43,700 depending on how experienced the individual is. Research by Robert Half has shown that professionals in London are so sought after, that experienced, qualified individuals have strong potential to negotiate a higher starting salary. The second highest region for office manager salaries is the South East - the current salary range for this area is between £23,500 and £39,000.

Office and administrative professionals are receiving bonuses and perks as part of mid-level remuneration packages. Flexible working is one of the most popular benefits being requested.

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