Average personal assistant salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average UK personal assistant salary by location:

  • London: £39,963
  • Wales: £32,318
  • Scotland: £34,403
  • East of England: £34,403
  • South East of England: £35,793
  • West Midlands: £34,403

Job prospects for personal assistants

Personal assistants (PAs) are currently one of the most in-demand positions among the administrative and office support roles.

Personal assistant jobs in London are considerably higher compared with other areas of the UK. However, there continue to be strong PA job prospects in the South East, and personal assistant jobs in Essex are seeing a growing demand.

The most promising job prospects are given to mid-level professionals who have industry-specific experience with legal and financial sectors being the most in-demand. Business leaders are looking for PAs who have a strong understanding of the nature of their role and have a strong cultural fit with their wider team and business.

Personal assistants can increase their job opportunities in the UK hiring market by demonstrating their ability to anticipate needs and alleviate the administrative pressures in the working or business life of executives. Adaptability and the successful ability to cultivate and maintain excellent working relationships, both with their direct report, other executives and business departments are all necessary to enhance their career prospects.

Personal assistant salary opportunities

PA salaries in the UK typically range from £26,000 to £44,000 with a mid-point of £34,750. Business leaders are awarding the highest salaries to PAs who can demonstrate effective time management, good organisational skills and proficiency in Microsoft software packages. Personal assistants with industry-specific experience may also find that they can target a higher salary.

Personal assistant salaries in London are the highest in the UK, ranging from £29,900 – £50,600. This is one of the best regions for salary negotiations, and experienced or mid-level PAs may be able to negotiate higher salaries due to the demand for qualified professionals.

This is followed by the South East of England, in areas such as Reading, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, where the current mid-point salary sits at £35,700. Salaries in the East of England and Scotland follow behind at an average of £34,043.

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