Average secretary salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average secretary salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £33,925
  • Wales: £27,435
  • Scotland: £29,205
  • East of England: £29,205
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: £28,320

Job prospects for a secretary in the UK

The current hiring market is showing a stable demand for secretaries. As with other administrative and office support roles, secretaries are being relied on to deliver excellent customer services to customers, clients and business vendors and uphold the company culture.  

To keep future job prospects looking strong, secretaries will need to become more resilient to workplace and process changes and will need to show an eagerness to learn and develop their skill sets. The integration of AI and automation technologies into business processes can help to lighten the workload, providing professionals with the opportunity to show their value in new ways, such as the provision of advice and data insights. Secretaries will also need to remain up to date on regulatory, compliance and risk issues which may impact the company in the future. Secretarial and audio typing skills are very difficult to find so these attributes are in high demand.

There are plenty of secretary jobs in the temporary hiring market. This is especially true for specialist roles, such as legal secretaries and medical secretary jobs. 

Secretary salary opportunities

Secretary roles have the potential to earn £24,500 for an entry-level junior role. For mid-level positions, a salary of £29,500 is typical, and experienced professionals can command a salary of £35,000. A paralegal salary is also good, reaching a maximum of £32,000 for professionals with specialist skills and plenty of experience. A medical secretary salary in the UK has a midpoint of £26,300 and could reach £38,000 at the highest end of the pay scale.

Salary opportunities are good in the East of England - professionals in this region could enjoy a midpoint salary of £29,205. The average secretary salary in London is the highest in the UK (£33,925), followed by South East England (£30,385) and Scotland (£29,205).

The best offers are predicted to go to professionals who have governance experience and excellent interpersonal abilities. Medical and legal secretaries should be able to command a higher salary with specific industry experiences, such as commercial litigation or knowledge of medical terminology. Digital skills can also raise professional value for this role.

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