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How much should I pay — or earn?

The Robert Half Financial Services Salary Guide provides sector-specific insights to inform your talent strategy and help you to attract, secure and retain skilled banking, compliance, and operational employees in 2021. Explore the average starting salaries, key skills and roles in demand, and popular benefits offered today. Download a copy of the Robert Half 2021 Salary Guide now.

What are the latest hiring trends?

Automation and digital transformation are continuing to evolve the banking and financial services landscape. Risk and compliance roles are in high demand as business leaders are keen to press on with business resilience projects, turning to talent with regulation and reporting in their skillsets to achieve this.

What does it take to land top talent?

Check and compare starting salaries for banking, finance and compliance roles to ensure you pay and earn a competitive remuneration package. Everything you need to inform your hiring budgets or negotiate a competitive salary is at your fingertips.

What’s impacting hiring and compensation?

Find out what financial services skills are in short supply, how businesses are looking for professionals adept at change and project management to implement new systems - and how adapting to new hiring trends can help you land — and keep — top talent.

Get salary details for specialised fields:

Financial services hiring trends

The growing fintech market continues to drive demand for talent within financial services, with both start-ups and established organisations moving core functions in-house. The demand for financial expertise in accounting, compliance and risk remains steady in the alternative energy sector with hiring also busy for FX payments firms and start-ups in the lending space. Download the Robert Half 2021 Financial Services Salary Guide to learn more about accounting and finance hiring trends.

Download the Salary Guide so you have the latest information at the ready.

Key salary trends for hot banking and finance roles

Discover banking and finance salaries and expert insight into the current job market for individual positions.

Explore the hiring trends and average salaries across the UK for these key roles:

Skills most in demand

Accounting and finance professionals with specialised technical skills and sought-after soft skills can sometimes negotiate higher salaries than others in today’s hiring market.

Skills that employers currently seek most include:

Technology skills

  • ACCA/CIMA/ACA newly qualified (≤5 years’ experience)
  • ACCA/CIMA/ACA part-qualified
  • Cloud-based payroll and HRIS systems
  • Data visualization/analytics experience
  • Financial modelling and forecasting
  • ERP/SAP expertise
  • Process and control implementation

Soft skills

  • Stakeholder management
  • Commercial awareness/business acumen
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Business partnering

Why use the Financial Services Salary Guide

Our recruitment consultants speak with hundreds of financial services executives and professionals every day. This gives us unique insight into what candidates are looking for in a job offer, and which skills employers need to pay competitive finance salaries to secure. The salary ranges in the Robert Half 2021 Financial Services Salary Guide are based on the significant number of placements made by our recruitment consultants in London.

Managers use our salary guides to ensure they are offering competitive salary packages to attract and retain back and middle-office financial services talent; whether that be to benchmark salaries for new hires or compare the average pay for their existing staff.