Average fund accountant salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average fund accountant salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £60,663
  • Edinburgh: £52,223
  • Bristol: £51,695
  • Manchester: £51,695

Job prospects for fund accountants

Fund accountant job prospects are healthy due to the talent shortage which continues to affect the financial services sector. There is a growing demand in asset management and real estate funds, which has caused talent concerns for 49% of leaders in financial services.

To gain the best job prospects, professionals will need experience with regulatory reporting. The recent introduction of IFRS15 and upcoming IFRS16 and IFRS17 regulations have caused businesses to look at increasing their accounting resource. Advanced Excel skills and several years’ job experience could also help increase the number of offers professionals receive.

Trends around ESG will also impact which fund accountancy skills employers will be looking for in the future. Ethics have always been an important part of fund accountancy, so it’s natural that businesses will be looking to them for guidance on ethical supply chains, sustainability and corporate governance. 

Employers are also more likely to make job offers and hire fund accountants with operations and technical skills, who are better suited to working alongside RPA workflow systems. Last year, 40% of businesses stated that these were skills they most values in finance professionals.

To find new job opportunities in hedge fund accounting, an ACCA qualification in hedge funds is extremely helpful, as are advanced Excel skills and a good knowledge of the hedge fund market. CPA’s are the most likely to find good job prospects in hedge funds. 

Professionals looking for a fund accountant job in London will find that there is a range of vacant roles to choose from. There are also good career opportunities in Edinburgh, as businesses seek professionals to bolster Scotland’s thriving financial, fintech and banking sectors.

Fund accountant salary opportunities

At an entry level, fund accountants can hope to earn an average midpoint salary of £52,750, which can increase to £56,000 with experience in the role.

The earning potential for a fund accountant role can differ depending on the employer’s location and the employee’s skill set. In London and Scotland, professionals can earn significantly more than they might in other areas of the UK, due to the demand that these two regions see.

Performance-based bonuses are common for fund accountants. When a fund performs well, accountants are typically rewarded with a percentage bonus to help incentivise continued successes. For senior fund accountants, some employers are offering discretionary bonuses of between 20%-40% as part of the remuneration package.

The best job offers are being made to fund accountants who have experience with audit, risk and compliance, as well as those who can effectively use digital skills to gain deeper insights from sophisticated data tools. 

Salaries have risen for financial service roles in recent months due to the lack of qualified talent available in the hiring market. Junior fund accountants and assistant fund accountants are being offered attractive remuneration packages with a view to enticing more young talent to company ranks.

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