Average internal auditor salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average UK internal auditor salary by location:

  • London: £61,238
  • Scotland: £52,718
  • Wales: £49,523
  • Yorkshire: £51,120

Job prospects for internal auditors

The outlook for the internal auditors is looking bright for the foreseeable future, however, there are multiple factors likely to evolve the profession over that time as well.

One reason demand for internal auditors, including those who work on a consulting basis, is so strong is that many organisations across industries are seeking opportunities for growth — and launching new revenue-generating initiatives. While these pursuits create opportunity, they also can invite risk that the internal audit function must help the business to assess and monitor.

Other drivers for the increased demand for internal audit professionals include growth in international trade due to globalisation and geopolitical change, as well as merger and acquisition activity.

Businesses are looking to hire internal auditors in the UK who are able to keep pace with technological advancement and unearth new and more profound insights using the wealth of new data available. A more proactive attitude will be expected in terms of delivery and value. 

The introduction of GDPR brings new challenges to auditing roles by adding a new risk factor. Internal auditors are the main point of contact for data protection officers, board members and company employees alike.  

Internal auditor salary opportunities

Internal auditors have the potential to earn anything between £53,250 and £58,750 depending on their location, technical skills, experience and seniority.

Salaries for internal auditors in Scotland and across the North, Midlands and West of the UK are stable, and professionals can expect to earn anything between £49,500 – £58,400 at a basic level.

Internal audit salaries in London are higher than average, ranging between £57,500 and £67,000. This increase is due to a hiring push in the banking industry and the high concentration of fintech businesses clustered there. 

Relocation isn’t the only way to earn more as an internal auditor. Finance professionals can increase their value with specialised ACA, CIMA or ACCA qualifications, as well as skills in risk and in Quant in investment banks.

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