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2017 Salary Guide

Confident you’re paying your staff competitively? 2017 is looking positive for IT professionals, with salaries continuing to rise for top talent. Better understand the recruitment landscape you’re operating in and access salaries for over 40 permanent positions with the Robert Half 2017 Salary Guide. Download your free copy today.

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Growing demand for tech talent

2017 is looking positive for those working in the technology sector. As the digital economy continues to expand at an extraordinary rate, businesses around the country are reacting with increased recruitment drives for skilled professionals. Find out what other key hiring trends will be affecting you this next year.

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The need for IT business partners

Technical skills, although still vital, aren’t enough in today’s business landscape as the dependence on technology rapidly increases. IT leaders are hiring technology specialists who also posses strong commercial and communication skills, and can act as business partners with the organisation. Learn which top 5 skills and qualifications are commanding the highest salaries in 2017.

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Top technology positions in demand

The pronounced skills shortage and digitisation agenda will drive the demand for skilled professionals in key roles over the next 12 months. 90% of IT directors say that it is challenging to find skilled professionals today, and are willing to pay a higher price for those who are. We share the top 7 IT positions companies around the country are recruiting for right now.

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Download the 2017 Salary Guide

Salaries by Sector

Download the guide to access salary projections for 2017, as well as key recruitment trends affecting your sectors:

Accounting and Finance

Salaries continue to rise for accounting and finance professionals, as businesses are eager to hire highly skilled talent who have the right balance of both technical and softer skills to collaborate with the wider business. Learn what measures CFOs are planning to take in 2017 to address the increasing pressures facing the finance function; impacting hiring decisions and remuneration packages being offered for certain positions in the Accounting & Finance Salary Guide.

Financial Services

With the continuing emergence of the challenger banking sector and the rapid growth of fintech businesses, the demand for skilled talent continues to rise. In order to compete for the best talent, financial services firms need to offer attractive salaries and benefits, including professional development and work-life balance. Read more in the Financial Services Salary Guide.


Demand for experienced administrative personnel is strong across the UK, with 46% of HR directors expecting to increase salaries for talented administrative professionals in the year ahead. Discover what the top skills and qualifications businesses are offering competitive remuneration packages for are in 2017 in the Administrative Salary Guide.

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Salary Calculator

Check and compare regional salaries using our 2017 Salary Calculator. It gives you instant access to average salary ranges in your local area for accounting and finance, financial services, technology and administrative roles.

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