What do competitive IT and tech salaries look like for 2020?

Competition is rife for skilled IT and tech professionals in the UK. According to 88% of chief information officers (CIOs), qualified talent is a challenge to find – an issue anticipated to continue for the next five years. The Robert Half IT and Technology Salary Guide provides sector-specific insights to inform your tech departments talent strategy in 2020. Explore the highest paying IT jobs, tech jobs growing in demand and the key skills requested by business technology teams. Download a copy of the Robert Half 2020 Salary Guide today.

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Explore the latest tech hiring trends

With digital transformation and technology innovations rising on the boardroom agenda, CIOs and technology leaders are relying on a mix of temporary, contract and permanent tech talent to manage the impact of the change projects on the runway.

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IT salary benchmarking using percentiles

Check and compare IT and business technology salary levels across the UK to ensure you secure your desired tech candidate. Everything you need to inform your hiring budgets or negotiate a competitive salary is at your fingertips.

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Your comprehensive IT salary guide to 2020

We use independent research and leading market intel combined with our recruitment expertise to accurately depict the marketing and advertising landscape for the year ahead. The Robert Half 2020 Salary Guide offers an extensive overview of marketing and digital advertising hiring trends and starting salaries across the UK.

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Hiring or searching for jobs in other fields?

Our Salary Guide offers detailed salary and hiring insights to a range of sectors, including:

IT and business technology trends

The fourth industrial revolution is already impacting technology departments across the UK. However, with an ongoing digital skills gap, how can businesses maximise their competitive advantage in the future of work?

Here are some of the latest trends impacting salaries in technology and IT:

The growing divide between the demand and supply for key technology skills is inflating the salaries required to secure specialist tech professionals.
Counter-offers are increasingly being relied on in a last ditch attempt to retain skilled IT personnel.
Tech candidates are high demand within manufacturing, FinTech, legal, market and cybersecurity sectors.
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Competition is rife, so speed, flexibility in requirements and giving candidates a great experience during the hiring process is essential.

Craig Freedberg, Associate Director, Robert Half UK
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Key salary and hiring trends for the best paying IT jobs

To help prepare for the future, CIOs are turning their attention to three key trends: AI and robotics, the fourth industrial revolution and regulatory changes. All these factors create internal process changes, require workforce planning and according to CIOs, cybersecurity (49%), infrastructure modernisation (48%), and software/applications development (44%) poses considerable internal challenges.

With insights into the highest paying tech jobs, explore the hiring trends and average salaries across the UK for these key roles:

Why use the Tech and IT Salary Guide

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Our recruitment consultants speak with hundreds of business leaders and professionals every day. This gives us unique insight into what candidates are looking for in a job offer, and which skills employers need to pay a premium to secure. The salary ranges in the Robert Half IT and Technology 2020 Salary Guide are based on the thousands of placements made by our recruitment consultants across the UK.

Managers use our salary guides to ensure they are offering competitive salary packages to attract and retain talent; whether that be to benchmark salaries for new hires or compare the average pay for their existing employees.

About Robert Half

At Robert Half, we know that making the right match helps companies build happy and productive teams, and professionals find purpose-driven careers. We have made this our business for more than 70 years. We provide a salary guide for every market we operate in to ensure that hiring managers and professionals have the current hiring trends and salary information to make informed decisions at work.

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