Average Back End Developer salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average UK Back End Developer salary by location:

  • London: £45,300
  • North of England: £32,500
  • Midlands: £32,600
  • South West of England: £33,000

Job prospects for Back End Developers

Career opportunities are looking healthy for Back End Developers in the coming months. The number of vacant roles for qualified tech professionals is estimated at 40,000 as businesses attempt to roll out digital initiatives.

Businesses worldwide are beginning to branch out into mobile, AI, app development and cloud-based tech, which has prompted an IT budget increase and team expansion plans. This is set to drive up an already high demand for tech professionals.

Back End Developer jobs are opening up for tech professionals with niche skill sets—these individuals are increasingly rare in the UK hiring market and those with proven skills and experience are likely to receive multiple job offers.

Big data is helping businesses gain better strategic insights and to create personalised customer experiences. Many of them are turning to AI technology for fast data processing at a large scale, which has pushed up demand for Back End Developers with AI and machine learning skills, and a good understanding of statistics and probability.

The integration of AI into business practices has also increased the need for developers with an excellent understanding of IT security and risk. Research has shown that IT security is one of the key skills for tech professionals in 2019 and beyond.

Because specialised tech professionals are so hard to find, businesses have started hiring more contractors into their teams to help supplement skills gaps.

Back End Developer salary opportunities

The average UK Developer salary starts at £23,200 for an entry-level role. Tech professionals with the right experience and skills have good earning potential in the current hiring climate and could earn anything up to £54,200.

A Back End Developer salary in London has a midpoint of roughly £45,300, partly due to the high concentration of tech startups and the capital’s status as the UK’s main technological hub. Developer salaries in Manchester are also some of the highest in the UK, averaging at £39,500.

The value of a developer career over the coming years will depend on their knowledge of cloud-based systems, programming languages (.NET(C#/.ASP), Java, PHP), automation scripting and how adaptable they can be when embracing new technologies.

In the tech hiring market, experience is a high-value asset. The developers receiving the most offers and highest salaries are at a mid and senior level.

.Net developers can increase their value by gaining skills in ASP.NET Core 2.2 and by leveraging experience with databases, and C# developers should look to develop skills which complement blockchain. Back End Developers can also increase their value by branching into full stack development.

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