Average chief information officer salaries - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average chief information officer salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £162,150
  • South East of England: £145,230
  • South West of England: £132,500
  • North West of England: £138,180
  • Scotland: £139,590

Job prospects for chief information officer

As the role of technology in company growth becomes more essential, the role of chief information officer does too. This role has seen impressive growth over the last few years—something which shows no sign of slowing.

Unsurprisingly, the UK’s capital is showing the most demand for chief information officer roles. Areas like London and adjacent suburbs are in hot competition for qualified CIOs across all industries.

The days of chief information officer jobs being more about operations than strategy are coming to and end as businesses place more reliance on technology for growth. To gain the most job prospects, CIOs should be knowledgeable in data security, service analysis and extending the market reach of the business.

Regulatory concerns and cybersecurity risks around the integration of AI into business processes has businesses looking for a CIOs who are thorough in their approach to security audits, solutions and staff training.

Employers are also expected to favour executives who have a human-first approach to leadership. With the war for talent reaching critical point in the tech industry, existing talent should be supported, developed and retained, and effective acquisition methods used.

Chief information officer salary opportunities

The average CIO salary for the UK has a midpoint of £141,000 with a range of approximately £105,000 – £250,000. Professionals who are new to the role could expect a starting salary of around £105,000, which can increase to anything between £141,000 and £176,000 for mid-level positions.

The most attractive salaries are being offered to highly experienced professionals (£250,000) and professionals working in London (£162,000) or the South East (£145,000). Those with niche skills tailored to a specific industry are also likely to see the highest offers. Professionals with proven project management skills are in high demand, as are those with experience with VMware and big data storage.  

In a bid to attract top performing executive talent, employers are increasing remuneration levels, offering flexible working and increasing the number of benefits on offer. 

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