Average head of IT salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average head of IT salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £86,825
  • Scotland: £74,745
  • Yorkshire: £72,480
  • Wales: £70,215
  • North West of England: £73,990

Job prospects for the head of IT

According to 34% of CIOs, IT management roles are one of the hardest positions to fill, due to a lack of qualified talent in the current hiring market. This gives technology professionals ample opportunity to move up through the ranks or to seek out new job prospects.

Business leaders will continue to look to the head of IT to provide support in the assessment of skill gaps within IT teams. Digitalisation has changed business requirements, putting greater emphasis on soft skills like resilience, flexibility and collaboration. Cybersecurity and data security skills are also needed, as well as automation scripting and excellent interpersonal skills.

IT security and cybersecurity have become key components of the head of IT role, too. Professionals should look to expand their continuity and disaster recovery planning/strategy skills, as well as the ability to build a framework which accounts for them.

Data architecture and warehousing is already a large part of the HoIT role, but professionals may find that they need to gain expertise in public cloud  and multi-cloud storage to increase their employability. 

Employers will be looking for HoIT professionals who have IT management skills which are adaptable enough to encompass remote working, as well as staff in-house and across other sites. 

Head of IT salary opportunities

The average salary for a UK-based head of IT has a midpoint of £75,500. Professionals who are new to the role can hope to earn in the region of £58,500 and could reach anything up to £75,500 for a mid-level roles. Seasoned professionals with in-demand skills and experience could earn anything up to £85,000.

The digital skills shortage for IT jobs in London is at its most severe and many businesses there are prepared to increase their initial salary offers to acquire qualified talent. In London, a head of IT can earn between £67,275 and £97,750, which is the highest end of the payscale for this particular role. In other areas of the UK, the highest earning potential is offered for roles based in the South East (£77,765) and the South West (£73,990). 

In order to command a higher salary, professionals should aim to build up their knowledge of IT security, data storage and the risks involved with new technology practices. They should also be very familiar with the impact new technologies and digitalisation will have on the IT division and how that change should be managed via processes, hiring and training.

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