Average infrastructure architect salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average UK infrastructure architect salary by location:

  • London: £85,100
  • Yorkshire: £71,040
  • Scotland: £73,260
  • Wales: £68,820

Job prospects for infrastructure architects

Digital transformation has increased the number of job prospects available to infrastructure architects and those that hone their skill sets and learn their worth could see excellent potential for growth over the coming months. Businesses are looking for new technology solutions that will help them match the pace of the industry, both internally and externally, and architecture is one of the key roles in the execution of these ambitious projects.

Hybrid cloud technologies are predicted to be essential for the future of enterprise applications. Upcoming trends point toward the unification of enterprise silos into a single application which improves the user experience. Data integration will play a key part in this, as will IT security. To gain good job prospects, infrastructure architects should have an excellent understanding of regulatory compliance laws and the risks involved in hybrid and public cloud strategies. 

Experienced infrastructure architect jobs could be plentiful in the professional gig economy through temporary or contract IT jobs. In the next 12 months, 1.6 million UK businesses plan to use flexible recruitment solutions to hire tech professionals with niche digital skills to help them with project work and digital transformation. Because infrastructure architecture is such a specialised position, professionals could find themselves in high demand. 

Businesses are hiring professionals with qualities which lend themselves towards a fast-paced, digital future. To appeal to employers, tech professionals should aim to demonstrate their resilience, adaptability and collaborative skills. This is especially true for the project management side of the role. 

Infrastructure architect salary opportunities

The role of infrastructure architect is specialised, so salaries for top performing talent are generous. The midpoint salaries for infrastructure architects in the UK is £74,000, with an average range of £65,000 – £87,000. 

The UK sees demand for professionals in this role fluctuate from region to region. Infrastructure architects salaries in London range from £74,750 – £100,050. Although Manchester is considered the second biggest hub for tech in the UK, infrastructure architect salaries is the South East follow London in terms of generosity - midpoint salaries in this area can reach £76,220. 

At present, the highest salaries are going to professionals with public cloud experience. Employers will be looking for tech professionals with an Azure/AWS certification or with experience with Dynamics or Office 365.

Salary opportunities for this role may be boosted via a switch to temporary employment rather than permanent, in-house roles. The lack of skilled professionals in niche tech roles makes them a rare find and some companies could be willing to make generous offers to the right talent.

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