Average IT business analyst salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average IT business analyst salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £51,600
  • North of England: £36,400
  • Midlands: £37,200
  • South West: £37,600

Job prospects for IT business analysts

More than one third (36%) of UK businesses are expected to launch digital transformation projects over the next 12 months. Businesses are starting to recognise that, in order to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world, they need to provide personalised customer experiences facilitated by technology which is faster and more scalable than current solutions. 

Although IT budgets are rising, smart businesses will be taking the time to investigate appropriate tech solutions to fit their business model, internal processes and budget, while still looking at suitability for future plans. Because of this, IT business analysts should see strong future job prospects.

Over a third of UK companies (36%) claim that they find business intelligence positions the most challenging to hire for. The digital skills shortage in the hiring market works in favour of IT business analysts, who have become essential for the future of IT. 

To gain maximum job potential, professionals should be able to show a good working knowledge of new technologies, matched with a keen eye for innovation opportunities. The introduction of big data, machine learning and AI pushes up the performance expectation placed on analysts. They will be expected to evolve existing data analysis skills and provide deeper insights to inform business initiatives. 

IT business analyst jobs in London remain the most plentiful, as it is home to the majority of the UK’s heavyweight tech businesses and a high concentration of businesses looking to digitise. Because resource and budget for transformation are tight, tech professionals are often open to relocating or commuting to locations like London, Manchester and suburbs like Berkshire, Slough and Southend for progressive tech companies who are focused on internal innovation.

Communication has always been an integral aspect of an analyst role, but digitisation is set to make written, verbal and collaborative soft skills more important than ever. Employers are adopting a hiring strategy which focuses more on how adaptable, resilient and collaborative professionals are, as they predict a future which sees workforces embracing a more digitally-friendly approach. 

IT business analyst salary opportunities

The average IT business analyst salary in the UK is £40,000, with entry-level positions offering an estimated £34,500, mid-level positions offering £40,000 and £56,000 for experienced professionals. Senior IT Business Analysts can start on £54,000 and could earn anything up to £80,000 if they have the right skills and experience.

The IT business analyst salary in London averages at £51,600 followed closely by the South East at £42,000. Recent research has shown that several suburbs in the South East are home to growing numbers of start-ups.

Employers now consider business-facing skills to be equally as important as technical skills when hiring analysts. Proven experience in this area could increase earning potential, as could project methodology skills (Prince2 and ITIL). 

Analysts can also leverage experience with database technology to increase their earning potential, as well as any experience they have working with software which focuses on reporting and data analysis. The same can be said for professionals who have experience or deep knowledge of compliance and data security.

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