Average IT director salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average UK IT director salary by location:

  • London: £120,750
  • Scotland: £103,950
  • Yorkshire: £100,800
  • South West: £102,900
  • Wales: £97,650

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Job prospects for IT directors

The digital technology sector is expanding 2.5 times faster than the rest of the UK economy, leaving experienced technology professionals with their pick of roles. According to 79% of CIOs, it is more challenging to find qualified tech professionals now than it was five years ago. Businesses state that senior IT positions are the hardest to hire for, and because IT directors form an integral link between the C-suite and the IT department, the role is considered one of the most crucial.

As businesses turn toward big data and AI for their insights, IT directors will be expected to face IT security and compliance challenges. Experience with the Basel Accords, ISO 27001 and COBIT are very attractive to potential employers and can open more doors with regard to the roles on offer. Digitisation is also changing the structure of many IT teams, calling for leaders who are able to manage change and encourage resilience and adaptability in their teams.

Business culture and leadership with a more human approach is set to be a big focus for businesses in the coming months. Employers will be looking for IT leaders who can demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills, alongside high emotional intelligence. 

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IT director salary opportunities

The average UK salary for an IT director ranges from £78,000 for newcomers to £114,000 for a professional with deep experience and a strong skill set. Over half of CIOs (58%) said that experience was one of the most attractive qualities in a candidate and IT directors who can show that they have experience working with a range of technologies and methodologies could see the best salary offers.

The location of the employer has a significant impact on how much an IT director can earn in the UK. Research by Tech Nation has uncovered a wealth of UK suburbs which have a higher than average rate of employment for tech roles. Southend, Reading, Berkshire, Surrey, Stafford and surrounding areas have all shown higher rates of tech hiring than other suburban areas in the UK. For this reason, IT director salaries in the South East could be anything between £80,340 and £117,500. 

London also remains a prominent tech hub, offering good salaries and healthy job opportunities for experienced IT directors. Tech salaries in London range between £89,600 and £131,000, depending on the level of experience the individual has. 

Startups and small tech companies are leading the charge on governance and digital transformation, which has pushed up demand for experienced IT leaders. Although they aren’t necessarily able to offer the most competitive salaries, they can offer better benefits or even company shares to help attract more senior, more experienced individuals to their ranks. 

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