Average IT support manager salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average UK IT support manager salary by location:

  • London: £44,600
  • North of England: £38,200
  • Midlands: £39,100

Job prospects for IT support managers

According to 38% of UK businesses, digitalisation will be the biggest factor in the future of the workplace. Technology is driving business innovation and the customer experience, placing IT support as a key player for the future of business, both internally and externally. 

By the end of 2019, 40% of businesses will have automation centres and frameworks in place, according to a recent report by Forrester. AI, chatbots and automation are changing the way customers interact with business support systems, leading managers to reassess how much of the process should be automated and where the automation should occur in order to be most beneficial. Strategic analysis of the escalation process and support model may well be on the horizon.

Where automation takes away some of the more manual processes of IT support and speeds enquiries along, it will place a greater emphasis on communication skills within the support team. Helpful, valuable and meaningful interactions will take precedence and professionals who can demonstrate this are likely to see better job growth and opportunity.

Customer service levels are slowly becoming a dying performance metric as leaders realise that customer experience is paramount over service. XLA will replace SLA, prompting IT support managers to evolve the team approach into one which favours collaboration over a traditional silo. Businesses are looking for IT support managers who can demonstrate that they have an agile approach to processes, a keen eye for evolving performance metrics and a motivational approach to leadership. 

IT support manager salary opportunities

The average salary for an IT support manager in the UK starts at approximately £38,000 and can increase to £42,000 – £48,000 for a midweight professional or £50,000 for an experienced professional. 

Professionals can look to increase their value in the hiring market by demonstrating their communication and collaboration skills to complement the integration of automation and AI into support practices. Experience with AI is beneficial, as well as the ability to interpret more sophisticated performance-related data sets and turn them into actionable insights. 

IT support manager salaries in London can reach a maximum of £64,500, followed closely by the South East and South West of the UK, which offer an average of £52,500 and £47,000, respectively. The South East has been seeing high demand for tech professionals, and job seekers may find that they can find relatively high salaries here, without the need to move into London. 

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