Average network engineer salaries in the UK - 2022

Salary by region

Explore the average network engineer salary in the UK by location:

  • London: £60,950
  • Yorkshire: £50,880
  • Scotland: £52,470
  • South East of England: £54,590
  • South West of England: £51,940

Job prospects for network engineers

Businesses are diverting more budget to IT hiring in the coming months, as they attempt to press ahead with digitisation initiatives in the midst of the war for talent. There are now more network engineer jobs than there are professionals to fill them, putting the hiring market firmly in the candidate’s favour. 

The best job opportunities are in the South East, and network engineer jobs in London are among the best paid and most abundant. Professionals can enjoy high demand across the UK and, with the right skills and experience, can usually enjoy multiple job offers.

To ensure good job prospects for the future, engineers should focus their attention on gaining the skills and knowledge needed to assist with digital transformation, namely mapping and documenting the interfaces between legacy and new systems, and finding innovative new solutions. 

Public cloud systems are slowly replacing in-house networks, so employers will be searching for engineers with a good knowledge of public cloud systems, such as Office 365, Dynamics or those with an Azure/AWS certification.

IT security is a huge concern for businesses, who are looking for professionals with security disaster recovery and incident response knowledge, as well as a good understanding of logging and alerting.

Network engineer salary opportunities

Earning potential for network engineers in the UK is relatively consistent, excluding salary offerings in the capital, which are higher to match the level of demand that the area sees.

A junior network engineer salary in the UK starts at an average of £47,000 and can reach between £50,000 and £54,000. A senior network engineer salary in the UK has the potential to earn up to £59,000, which can increase depending on the location, experience and skills of the professional.

A network engineer salary in London can range between £54,100 and £67,850 and represents the highest salary offering for this job role in the UK. It is followed by the South East, which currently offers professionals an average salary of £54,590. Outside of this, earnings remain consistent across the UK. 

To increase earning potential, professionals should aim to complete a CCNP certification and should gain experience in an enterprise LAN/WAN environment. IT security and compliance experience are also valuable following the implementation of GDPR. 

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