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The Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide provides unique insights into current recruitment trends and the latest salary information for accounting and finance, financial services, technology and administrative positions across the UK.

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The Hiring Climate

Companies are again hiring, creating new roles and adding headcount to over-stretched and over-worked teams. Strategic recruitment, looking at both current and future hiring needs is creating further momentum, and with demand for skilled talent outpacing supply, providing competitive salaries coupled with attractive bonus and benefits packages will be a key strategy in winning the war for talent.

Recruitment trends

Businesses are expanding, looking to capitalise on key growth initiatives and investing in projects that have been put on hold over the last several years. Permanent recruitment is further enhanced by hiring temporary professionals and interim managers who can easily step in to manage critical initiatives as well as support daily tasks and rising workloads.

Retention Challenges

To retain top employees, employers are offering more substantial pay rises and other incentives. Companies realise they have to bring salaries and benefits in line with the current market or risk losing their best people. Yet employees are emboldened by their improving job prospects, so having the most up-to-date remuneration trends will help you keep your best people onboard.

Regional salaries

Further hiring across the UK has created opportunities for businesses and professionals alike as well as greater recruitment parity throughout the regions. While London still commands salaries that are a third higher than national averages, there are a number of hot spots across the UK where salary rises are acute to account for the emerging skills shortages. The Salary Guide offers customised variances across 11 UK regions, as well as industries driving the most recruitment activity.

Remuneration trends

While it's important to pay competitively, candidates also seek rewards and benefits that match their personal preferences, including a desire for greater work-life balance and flexible working arrangements. Companies that are able to get the right pay-to-benefits ratio right will be at an advantage.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance salaries are trending upwards, with CFOs planning to increase the number of staff to deliver sound financial management and strategic, commercial insight to the wider business. Skills shortages are acute with finance director, financial management and financial business partnering roles, among others, earning the most meaningful salary increases in 2015.

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Financial Services

Financial services hiring has gained momentum and the majority of executives are increasing salaries for new hires as well as offering pay rises to existing staff. Hiring within risk, compliance, regulatory accounting and management accounting are seeing inflation-busting salary increases, lifting remuneration across the industry.

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Technology hiring continues its upward climb, with employment within the industry forecast to grow nearly five times faster than the UK average. With many permanent employees lured by the attractive compensation that contracting affords, companies are paying more to secure the most in-demand professionals, including IT security professionals, data architects and software developers.

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Demand for skilled administrative professionals continues to rise yet good talent is proving hard to find. According to HR directors surveyed, 94% find it challenging to find skilled admin professionals. Executive assistants, marketing assistants and administrative assistants salaries will see the strongest gains.

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