Life in recruitment - Lessons from real estate

Karl Sweatman

Senior Manager in Bristol

Karl shares his experiences in working for Robert Half and how his experiences in real estate has benefited his recruitment career. Explore what he found challenging and what advice he has for anyone considering a career in recruitment.

What has been the greatest challenge in making the shift to recruitment? 

The biggest challenge was learning a whole new sector. Before joining Robert Half Technology I knew very little about the IT and Technology sector after spending 10 years as a real estate agent. I feared that I would not be able to understand the terminology and that this would prohibit me from building a successful business! I soon learned that clients do not expect you to be a technologist, they understand that you are a recruitment expert not a technical guru. However, in my own time I expanded my base line knowledge of the technology industry by watching a lot of YouTube videos on my particular vertical and asked a load of questions to candidates and clients alike. Two and half years into my career here I do understand a lot more but I am by no means am I technical wizard! 

What transferrable skills did you find most valuable?

Being a real estate agent I was used to talking to people. I found this benefited me as I already knew how to build rapport with people quickly and how to listen – this is key! As only having ever worked within a sales environment after leaving school at 16, I was used to a high work tempo and it being a numbers game. In my first six months, I followed all the training I was provided and made sure I was meeting my targets! 

What attracted you to work for Robert Half?

I met with many different recruitment businesses before I decided on Robert Half. I was making a huge career move so I had to make sure it was right as I had a mortgage, a wife and two children consider. I met with Robert Half on four separate occasions throughout the process; they offered me a morning on the sales floor and meet the team to make sure I liked the environment, and give me confidence that I would actually enjoy what I would be doing. Robert Half were the only firm I met that allowed me this opportunity. I also really respected that fact that Robert Half were very realistic with the earning potential in my first year, they made it very clear that I would face challenges in my first year, but also laid out a plan for how they support my success with a 13-week onboarding plan. 

What’s your one piece of advice you would give to be successful at Robert Half?

It’s a numbers game for first six to 12 months and listen to everyone around you, be a sponge! 

How would you describe the reward and recognition programme we offer?

The reward and recognition scheme at Robert Half is brilliant! I have been to the Savoy and Grosvenor events the first time as ‘Rookie of the Year’ and the second time as the ‘Top Biller for Robert Half Technology’. Robert Half offers a brilliant culture to work within and really do encourage you to be the best you can be. I have progressed my career rapidly through the business and this has always been supported. When they set you a reward milestone, they actually follow through which is something I haven’t always experienced in other sales roles.

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