Life in recruitment: 'Slightly intense but definitely fun'

Robyn Richmond

Divisional Manager in London

Robyn shares her experiences in working for Robert Half as a recent graduate. Explore what she found challenging, what she enjoyed in her role and what advice she has for anyone considering a career in recruitment.

Why did you decide to join Robert Half?  

A friend of mine works in recruitment and she suggested that I’d be a good recruiter, based on my interpersonal skills, ambition and desire to work in a client-facing role. I started to network with people in the industry and managed to get an interview with Robert Half. I loved it much more than the other businesses I interviewed with because of their professionalism, expansive network and name in the industry, and the people I met were impressive! I was so pleased when I got the call with a job offer!  

How would you describe the training you received?

Thorough, slightly intense but certainly fun. 'At desk' training and support was great, working directly with my line manager. She was there to answer any questions and she helped set me up with the best start. I think it helped to have the training quite soon after starting, as it can be quite intense when you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing in the first few weeks.

What was the biggest surprise about working in recruitment?

The biggest surprise for me was the office culture, it was a lot less formal than I anticipated which created a much more relaxed and friendly environment. There’s always someone ready to help – which is great when it can be very daunting starting a new job in a big corporate company.

What was your happiest moment at work and why?

There have been two moments specifically here which made me feel great. The first was passing probation; it was such a great feeling, probation here seemed further away and harder to achieve than other businesses, but it made the achievement so much greater! I can’t tell you how elated it makes you feel. The second was gaining a place at the Annual UK Recognition Awards ceremony. It was a great sense of achievement and such an exciting event to be able to attend! It makes you feel so proud of your own achievements but proud to work for a company who really recognise your hard work and success.

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could re-do your first 3 months at Robert Half?

Trust yourself and your ability! I often had doubts about whether I could do the job, and do the job well. I think asking questions is so, so important, and allows you to improve every day and not feel like you’re sinking! I think the job can be tough in the first few months so you have to trust yourself and keep going, don’t give up!